About Graeme

Q: Strictly dance type you’d like to do with a girl?

A: Rumba – in the dance world they call it a ‘vertical expression of a horizontal movement…’

Q: Your real-life hero?

A: My mom, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, both for their spirit, compassion and sense of self-sacrifice. But also an ex street kid named Moeti who I knew through the charity Twilight Children – fearless and ready to go to any lengths for someone else!

Q: Your TV-presenter intro to yourself?

A: An adrenaline junkie and a force for positive change who genuinely wants the absolute best for everybody… a lot of love to give! Also able to screw up in the most spectacular ways generally in front of a crowd, so he’s learnt the fine art of laughing at himself.

Q: On Tinder?

A: Hell no😂

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